Kat Mon Dieu

The Gal with Nine Lives and A Thousand Disguises

Kat Mon Dieu, "The Gal with 9 Lives and 1000 Disguises!" is a NYC based actress, burlesque dancer, singer and Marilyn Monroe tribute artist.

A stage performer and model, Kat has pursued theatrical and artistic endeavors for most of her life. Early versions of her tribute to one of her inspirations, Marilyn Monroe, were debuted at drag shows and blossomed over the years into full spectrum impersonations (singing/acting/appearance).

Kat currently produces "Cabaret Exotica"; a Burlesque show where each dancer sings live! She also co-produces "Dark Carnival Burlesque" at various venues around NYC, with her companion Mr. Hangman. Kat has a recurring role as "Lena Doino" in the wildly popular "Speakeasy Dollhouse" (an off Broadway immersive play) created by Cynthia Von Buhler. She modeled as Marilyn for the "Bombshell Cookbook" by Dakota Kim. Ms Mon Dieu also writes the Dr Sketchy's NYC Blog, performs (and sometimes hosts) burlesque in such shows as Dark Carnival Burlesque, Kitty Nights, Coney Island USA, Chronologie, !BadAss!, The Goat Girl Review, Hot Mama's Burlesque, Lincoln Park Tavern, Shaken and Stirred, Nurse Bettie, Le Scandal, Room 69...and many many others. Kat volunteers her time and artistry to the NY Burlesque Festival, the Coney Island Gala Fundraiser and Mermaid Parade. She models for Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School in NYC, guest hosts on the "Rew and Who" radio show, and designs and creates her 1000 disguises (an ongoing goal!)

Many exciting projects in TV, Stage and Print are in the works!

Kat is also raising three amazingly creative and artistic children, and she volunteers her professional RN services at Dr Dave's Clinic in the Lower East Side for freelance and low income artists who do not have health insurance.



Kat as Marilyn (performance starts @ 1:30 mins)

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