Kat Mon Dieu

The Gal with Nine Lives and A Thousand Disguises

Kat Mon Dieu, "The Gal with 9 Lives and 1000 Disguises!" is a NYC based actress, burlesque dancer, singer, costumer and Marilyn Monroe tribute artist, and writer.

She’s taking a break from performing to work on a book about her experiences building and living on her “Skoolie” in New York City for three years. In spring of 2020, after 4 years of bus life, she gutted and rebuilt the current iteration of her tiny home.

Kat currently works on an organic farm. In her free time, she devotes her time to writing and making art aboard her homemade house-on-wheels “BRIGANTIA” a retired Freightliner FS65 school bus.
Combining life, nature and art, she’s been living in her converted school bus, on and off since 2016 in both the Catskills, Hudson Valley and New York City.

Kat's past performance art projects include the role of Baroness Marie-Helene de Rothschild (aka "Demeter") in the first two seasons of "The Illuminati Ball". (www.theilluminatiball.com) She designed and made the 60+ masks worn by the actors and patrons alike.

Prior to that, Kat played the roles of Anna Held, Marion Davies and Billie Burke in the "Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic" (an off Broadway immersive play) which ran from April until October 2015 at the Liberty Theater on 42nd Street. (www.speakeasydollhouse.com)
She also played Lena Doino and Hope Dare in another immersive production; "The Bloody Beginning", at the Back Room and The Weylin B. Seymour, for a run of 5 years.

Kat produced "Cabaret Exotica"; a show that combines singing and burlesque, as well as "Dark Carnival Burlesque" (hosted by Gothic Hangman), at various venues around NYC; a bizarre variety theme show. She's modeled as Marilyn for the "Bombshell Cookbook" by Dakota Kim, and appeared in various shorts and music videos. Ms Mon Dieu has also written blogs for the Dr Sketchy's NYC Anti-Art School, where she models (and occasionally hosts). She's burlesqued in such shows and venues as Dark Carnival, Kitty Nights, Victrola Burlesque, Shaken and Stirred, Chronologie, !BadAss!, The Goat Girl Review, Hot Mama Burlesque, Lincoln Park Tavern, Wits End, Le Poisson Rouge, The Delancey, Nurse Bettie, Coney Island USA, Le Scandal, Room 69, Parkside ( Burlesque and Excelsior)...and countless others.

Kat volunteered her time and artistry to the NY Burlesque Festival, the Coney Island Gala Fundraiser and Mermaid Parade. She was a guest host on the "Rew and Who" radio show, and designs and creates her 1000 disguises (an ongoing goal!)

Her plans for 2022 are to travel around the United States and write about her experiences along the way.


  • Rule Brigantia!

    October 06, 2017

    Kat has been converting a 2002 Freightliner Schoolbus into a tiny home on wheels (Brigantia-Lofty One/Victorious). She moved onto her creation on September 26th, 2016 and recently completed three years of full time boondocking in New York City.

    Kat is a "tiny homesteader" who's happily living off grid with her 3 cats...first 3 years in one of the most densely populated and expensive cities in the world, now in the Catskills.
    She designed the interior, and with some donated carpentry by old art school pal, Gothic Hangman, built the inside to accomodate 6 people: twin bunk, queen master and a dining area that converts to a full size bed. Kat wanted there to be places for all of her children to sleep so they can come on trips with her.

  • Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic Extended 5 times since April Opening!

    August 15, 2015

    Cynthia Von Buhler's latest brainchild, "Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic" has been extended again! We will be going until the fall 2015. Don't miss this amazing immersive event, showing in the heart of Times Square. Kat Mon Dieu has been cast as Billie Burke, the tenacious and loyal wife of Forenz Ziegfeld. Be prepared to time travel and wear your best 1920's threads for the party of a century!

  • Confessions of a Shapeshifter

    March 31, 2014

    Kat Mon Dieu wrote the first short story in her "Shapeshifter" series under the pen name Jules Reine. Part 1, "Confessions of a Shapeshifter" is available on Amazon. Adventures of a Shapeshifter and Travels of a Shapeshifter are coming soon!

  • Cabaret Exotica

    March 31, 2014

    Announcing Cabaret Exotica, Sirens by the Seashore!
    In cahoots with Bambi the Mermaid and Coney Island USA, Kat Mon Dieu has decided to launch a beautifully simmering idea that has been brewing to perfection for some time now: An All Burly-Q Songbird Revue! Yes! Each of our beauties will sing as they remove their skivvies! our debut show will feature the amazing warbles and wobbles of Honi Harlow, Boo Bess,Nina La Voix,Plucky Charms,Dot Mitzvah, Ruby Solitaire & Man-ee Champagne

    Keep your eyes peeled for the Canaries of Carney, June 5th 2014!

  • Dark Carnival Burlesque Does Horse Trade Theater's Burlesque Blitz!

    December 01, 2013

    Look out for the latest installment of insane delights from Dark Carnival as they gather up the naughtiest of playthings in their latest show "Recalled Dolls".

  • Dark Carnival Burlesque Moves to the Cutting Room

    June 15, 2013

    The Masterminds behind Dark Carnival Burlesque; Kat Mon Dieu and Gothic Hangman are moving their fantastic odd-ball variety show to Midtown Manhattan on August 9th at midnight. Kat Mon Dieu states it is a "Gorgeous Venue worthy of a colorful 'off-color' Variety show such as ours." The duo are concocting a night to remember for audience and artist alike for their debut at the Cutting Room (44 East 32nd St, NYC). Hangman is already designing a new "puppet" to introduce to the show along with his current "figure" Lil Horn, a Blue Devil and Hangman's hosting sidekick. Hangman and Kat are excited to produce Dark Carnival in a venue with room for greater performances and spectacles than ever before. "We got our feet wet and cut our teeth over the last few months and we see what works for us," states Hangman. "Now we want to spread our proverbial wings and fly".
    Dark Carnival Burlesque Presents "Moonshine Menagerie", August 9th 2013 @ Midnight at
    The Cutting Room


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