Tutu Toussaint

The House of Noire's "Royal Rebel"

Story of Tutu Toussaint.

Tutu Toussaint was born into the royal lineage of the Ashanti people of Ghana. Growing up in Kumasi, Tutu’s love for her people became clear from a young age. When you look in her eyes, you see the spirits of her ancestors, fierce women who defended the kingdom from invaders.

Tutu left her homeland and now travels the world to defend her people by cleverly casting spells on her enemies through seduction. Her travels have brought her to the magical lands of Haiti, China, and New Orleans; but she now calls the "House of Noire" in New York City home. One day she will return to Kumasi to claim the throne that is rightfully hers.

Tutu is a warrior. Winning battles in the royal court and on stage while maintaining her regal demeanor. She wields her power through the alluring movement of her body, with enchanting grace, glamour, and style, hypnotizing all who dare to compete or even watch.

Her reputation precedes her. Many think twice before challenging Tutu Toussaint, the "Royal Rebel of Burlesque".

A Bayou Classic "The Great Southern Exposure" Festival 2015